Chimney fires can occur at anytime, especially when a fire is burning in a fire appliance or fireplace. Oftentimes a fire may occur inside your chimney, and the homeowner won’t even realize it. The noises of a regular fire in the firebox may actually be a fire in the chimney! You may not know this at all, which is why all the more important to have your system inspected annually.

a chimney on fire When our experts come and take a look inside your chimney, they will look for any of the following for suspecting damages. 

  • “Puffy” or “honey combed” creosote
  • Warped metal of the damper, metal smoke chamber connector pipe or factory-built metal chimney
  • Cracked or collapsed flue tiles, or tiles with large chunks missing
  • Discolored and distorted rain cap
  • Heat-damaged TV antenna attached to the chimney
  • Creosote flakes and pieces on the roof or ground
  • Roofing material damaged from hot creosote
  • Cracks in exterior masonry
  • Evidence of smoke escaping through mortar joints of masonry or tile liners

These damages to the chimney system can continue to cause even more issues. A damaged system can drop efficiency of your system, and this also raises fire risk. When a chimney fire weakens the system, it is more susceptible to fire danger, and can cause a house fire.

If You Suspect a Flue Fire

If you suspect a fire has occurred in your chimney, you can stifle it by shutting off the air flow. You can do this by closing glass doors and shutting the damper. This pushes the smoke into the house, so it’s important to leave the house. You may see flames coming from the top of your chimney. Use a water hose to spray the roof around your chimney to prevent the roof from catching fire. This prevents thousands of dollars in damages alone.

Should you call the fire department? Yes. A chimney fire can potentially bring down an entire home, with a substantial insurance claim, and catastrophic damages. Don’t risk it. Call 9-1-1 when you have a fire, whether it’s a kitchen fire or a chimney fire.

Prevent Chimney Fires

A clean and well inspected chimney is more efficient and is also safer. Schedule a chimney sweep with The Mad Hatter, and one of our technicians will clean your chimney from top to bottom, clear all dangers of soot and creosote. We use industrial tools, brushes and rods, and a high-powered vacuuming system to clean the firebox and flue.

Stay on top of maintenance by scheduling your annual inspections. When we inspect your system, we’ll check all parts and components that are readily accessible. When one of our experts look at your system, we’ll note damages big or small so we can make repairs to them. Call The Mad Hatter to schedule routine services to prevent fires. Reach a Mad Hatter expert at 317-596-0200.