Your chimney system is one of the most important and vulnerable systems in your home. In order for your chimney system to keep working safely and efficiently, it’s important to have inspections annually by a certified professional.

Chimney Inspections

Chimney inspections are not complicated—especially when you choose a certified professional to do the work. Your local handymen and contractors are not trained or experienced in chimney diagnostics. When a chimney professional gives an inspection report, you can use this information for your homeowner’s insurance, real estate attorney, REALTOR, and more. Don’t settle with the amateurs—schedule with the professionals. The type of inspections your chimney system need depend on the use and performance of your chimney.

  • Level One – This is a basic evaluation of your chimney. You should schedule it annually when it has been working with no problem and has undergone no changes. It includes all readily accessible portions of the system including connections. This inspection will not impede normal chimney operation.
  • Level Two – You should schedule this inspection when there are changes made to the chimney, when you suspect a problem, and before a sale or land transfer. It includes everything from a level one inspection, a video inspection of the interior flue, and access to portions of the system through doorways and panels.
  • Level Three – When you do suspect a hazard, a level three inspection is necessary. This inspection requires the removal of components of the chimney system and may result in demolition that needs repair. The goal of this inspection is to gain access to a specific hazard and get diagnosis and repairs.

Schedule Your Inspection Now

Your chimney inspection is best done this summer, before the fall rush. The fall rush is the period between October and January when your chimney professionals are especially busy. It is fairly difficult to get an appointment at this time. If you wait to schedule your service, you might discover problems that you won’t have time to repair.

Call The Mad Hatter at 317-596-0200 and schedule your inspection this summer. We can get you on the schedule and identify any hazards in time to get your needed repairs before fall. Our team of experts is experienced with local and federal fire safety standards. We are also experienced and trained to spot issues with your chimney, whether there are serious life-threatening hazards or minor issues. If you’re ready to invest in your home this summer, call The Mad Hatter today!