Why Professionals Recommend Chimney Caps

When a chimney professional recommends a change, part, or repair it is for one reason: safety. As chimney professionals, our main goal is safety for the home, family, and community. This means that we strive to bring down instances of residential house fires. The best way to do this i
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The Freeze Thaw Cycle and Your Masonry

Your chimney vents your fire during winter, but it works year-round to keep water and weather out too. The parts of the chimney that work to keep water out are the most important and need to be maintained properly to keep working. When it falls into disrepair or takes on minor damage,
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What Happens When You Don’t Fix a Chimney Leak?

Chimney leaks are quite common, can lead to costly repairs, and are 100 percent preventable. However, while chimneys are built to last, they can be taken down from the inside out by water damage. This damage can occur behind the scenes, before a homeowner even notices! Chimney Leaks:
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