Keep the Snow Outside This Winter

The snowy season is your hearth’s time to shine. When the wind is blustery and the gray sky is spitting snow, it’s time to light up the fireplace. Unfortunately, the time of year that is best for using your fireplace may take the biggest toll on your chimney system. In fact, the worst
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The Freeze Thaw Cycle and Your Masonry

Your chimney vents your fire during winter, but it works year-round to keep water and weather out too. The parts of the chimney that work to keep water out are the most important and need to be maintained properly to keep working. When it falls into disrepair or takes on minor damage,
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What is the Freeze/Thaw Cycle?

Knowing your fireplace and chimney system is half the battle when it comes to having a long-lasting one. Knowing and managing the possible damage to the system is the other half. Even a well-built chimney can become damaged over time if necessary measures aren’t taken. Water and
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