How Does a Chimney Work?

For many homeowners in and around Indianapolis and across the country and the globe, part of staying warm each winter includes a fireplace. When a fire burns in the fireplace, insert, or stove, the chimney works constantly to vent toxic gases and other pollution out of the home. In or
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Update Your Fireplace to a Wood-Burning Insert

It may be time to upgrade your old, open fireplace. It can be a pain to light an open fire all winter long, and they are somtimes economically inefficient as heated air easily escapes out the chimney. Many homeowners are unaware of the benefits of converting an open fireplace to a woo
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Fire Safety Tips for Your Family

The holiday season is often a hectic time of year. Schedules become busy, family comes to town, and finances are tight. During this stressful time it’s important to remember how dangerous the fireplace can be—because the holidays are a favorite time for fireplaces! There’s nothing bet
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