It may be time to upgrade your old, open fireplace. It can be a pain to light an open fire all winter long, and they are somtimes economically inefficient as heated air easily escapes out the chimney. Many homeowners are unaware of the benefits of converting an open fireplace to a wood-burning insert. Here are some added amenities offered by wood-burning inserts!

Wood-Burning Inserts are Easy to Install

Start with a professional who can match you with the perfect insert for your needs. Once you choose a style that matches your aesthetic, a professional chimney sweep will measure your existing firebox and install the insert directly into the firebox. This is dangerous to do on your own, as an incorrect measurement can create space between your insert and your firebox, which is a fire hazard and leads to lower efficiency. Trust our professional and certified technicians to install your wood-burning insert!

Wood-Burning Inserts are More Efficient

An open fireplace can lose a lot of heated air up the flue. An insert is a closed system that pushes air out through a fan and burns more efficiently, similar to a stove. Homeowners love wood inserts because they get all the benefits of an insert with the smell and look of a wood-burning fire!

Wood-Burning Inserts Require Less Maintenance

Open fireplaces deposit large amounts of creosote and soot inside the flue. An insert produces less creosote and flue, therefore requiring less regular chimney sweeps. In addition, your new relined insert lasts for years. It’s hard to go wrong with a wood-burning insert!

Wood-Burning Inserts Burn Wood On-Hand

We recommend collecting wood year-round and storing it for six months before it’s burned. This insures that the wood is properly seasoned before it goes into the fire. If you run out of wood during the winter, do not burn wet wood, often called ‘green’ or ‘fresh’ wood. This will increase the creosote produced while burning less efficiently and thoroughly. If you run out of wood, find a source to purchase properly seasoned wood.

At The Mad Hatter, we know the value of a good fireplace! Wood-burning inserts improve efficiency, utilize zone heating, and give your hearth a face-lift! Contact our fireplace and chimney experts today by calling 317.596.0200 or request an appointment online!