Within the inner walls of your chimney, dangers could be lurking that you are not able to see. If it has been a while since your chimney has been professionally swept and inspected, you may not know exactly how great the risks could be. As the Chimney Safety Institute of America claims, dirty chimneys can lead to chimney fires. At The Mad Hatter, your family’s safety is our top priority when it comes to your chimney and venting system, so we would like to tell you more about the reasons of why your chimney may be putting your home in danger.

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When you burn wood, creosote is a natural residue that develops as part of the combustion process. Although you can control how much creosote is produced, such as using seasoned wood instead of wet, freshly-cut wood in a wood stove or insert that is EPA-certified, you will still have creosote in a wood-burning chimney. Even though much of the creosote will accumulate deep inside your chimney where you cannot see it, an extremely dirty chimney may have creosote near the fireplace. This compound can be brown or black and varies in its appearance. Whether the creosote is hard and shiny, crisp and flaky, or sticky and gummy, it is always extremely flammable. In fact, the CSIA has named creosote as the number one cause of chimney fires. Creosote can build up into large deposits on your chimney walls, and if the internal temperature of your chimney reaches a high enough point, those deposits of creosote could ignite. To keep your chimney safe from the risk of a chimney fire, The Mad Hatter will remove every accumulated bit of creosote from your chimney. You can trust us to get rid of this hidden chimney danger.


When The Mad Hatter inspects your chimney, we will be looking to be sure nothing is blocking the flue of your chimney. Debris including leaves, dirt, bricks, and nesting materials from birds and wild animals can block the exit of your chimney. This prevents the toxic byproducts of combustion from safely leaving your home out of the chimney. Carbon monoxide is one of these poisonous gases, and this flue blockage can cause it to be forced back into your home. During our inspection, we will also be looking for other damage, including a cracked chimney liner, that can cause carbon monoxide to leak back into your living spaces. If you do not have a carbon monoxide alarm detector, you will not be able to tell if this toxic gas has entered your home as it is tasteless and odorless. This is why an annual chimney inspection from The Mad Hatter is so important for your and your family’s safety.

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