Whether you like the ambiance of an occasional fire or you depend on a wood stove for home heating through the winter , it’s important to find the best products for your home. When you use the best products and have them professionally installed you enjoy higher efficiency, lower fire risk, and a longer life for the appliance with fewer problems.

Mad Hatter Indy sells and services wood-burning stoves that you will be happy to bring home! Our products come in a variety of sizes and styles to match your home and create the space and ambiance you strive for.

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Benefits of Wood

The industry has made strides in recent years to engineer products that are more efficient than ever before. Wood stoves offer high efficiency as well as easy professional installation, and other benefits.

  • High Efficiency Stoves – These wood burning products allow for a hotter, cleaner burn which means less creosote left in the flue after a burn, lowering risk of fire. High efficiency also means less fuel needed and better heat output.
  • Easy Professional Installation – A certified chimney sweep can install a wood stove in one visit. This is a vital step that shouldn’t be missed. Do not install your stove without a professional. Most insurance companies will not cover damages caused by the stove if it wasn’t professionally installed and inspected. Professional installation lowers fire risk and raises efficiency.
  • Easily Accessible Fuel – If you’re able to cut your own wood, choosing a wood stove is an obvious choice. However, if you don’t have access to properly seasoned wood you may have to find a local wood source. Be sure to check the wood before use for signs of age. Seasoned wood is usually a grayed color, and will begin cracking along the edges of the cuts. Avoid burning freshly cut wood because it doesn’t burn completely, lowers efficiency, and raises fire risk.
  • A Variety of Styles – You might own a cabin and want a rustic, classic wood stove. Mad Hatter Indy carries these products. We also sell and install the modern equivalent for those who have a more modern home decor. The ease of installation also makes it easy to change styles if you undergo a remodel during the life of your stove.

Maintaining Your Wood Stove

Wood stoves might seem low-maintenance because they are factory built and professionally installed. Low-maintenance does not mean no-maintenance! You should follow instructions for proper maintenance of the firebox and working parts, removing ashes as needed and keeping the area around your stove free of household items and combustibles.

Regular chimney sweeps and inspections are a recommendation of the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) and the National Fire Protection Association. Our Mad Hatter chimney sweeps are certified, trained, and experienced in installation, service, replacement, cleaning, and inspection of all wood-burning products. We are also aware of and adhere to Indianapolis fire codes and residential requirements. You can trust our Mad Hatters with your home’s comfort and safety.

To schedule an appointment with Mad Hatter Indy and take the first step toward choosing your new wood-burning stove call 317.596.0200 or schedule an appointment online.