At The Mad Hatter, we hope all of our customers had a safe and happy holiday weekend. We think you can make it even more enjoyable by getting some necessary appointments on the books. This ensures that you’re ready when fall rolls around. What’s the benefit of scheduling chimney maintenance and repairs during the summer months? You can rest easy knowing your chimney is ready for burn season. Not to mention, avoiding the hassle of repairs during the winter months!

Avoid the Fall Rush

During the fall rush, between October and January, chimney sweep companies are busy with installations, repairs, and emergency calls. It can be hard to get a desired appointment time, specific technician, or even the company you want. This can be a headache and can leave you in the cold if you’re waiting for an appointment when temperatures dip into the lows. The Mad Hatter is happy to provide routine services like chimney sweeps and inspections through the summer as well as masonry repairs. The sooner you schedule your inspection, the more time you allow for necessary repairs before fall.

Common Masonry Repairs

Even a well-constructed chimney requires repairs throughout its life. This is due to wear-and-tear, weather, and sometimes animal intrusion. These occurrences are often preventable, but require routine maintenance to stay on top of. These can include items such as part replacements and waterproofing. Common masonry damage can occur after a long winter of regular use. Fortunately, they can be repaired swiftly if caught early!

  • Tuckpointing
    The removal of bricks and mortar to repair spalling bricks. An experienced chimney sweep removes the affected bricks and mortar. Afterwards, mixes new mortar of the same consistency, color, and strength as the old, and replaces the bricks for a beautiful finish. Tuckpointing is sometimes commissioned for aesthetics. This is only because an experienced mason will improve the look substantially.
  • Chimney Crown Repair or Treatment
    Chimney crowns may become cracked or damaged to the point that it needs to be replaced. The Mad Hatter can recast a custom crown. In addition, apply a coat of CrownSeal which can preserve and strengthen a cracked seal.
  • Replace Caps, Dampers, Chase Covers, or Refractory Materials
    Since the parts of the chimney work together to do the job of venting the fire, all of the parts need to work properly! This means that The Mad Hatter often replaces parts. It’s a job that doesn’t take long, but is important for safety and efficiency of the system.

Let Us Help You!

We at The Mad Hatter are trained and experienced in masonry repairs. Our team prides ourselves on swift, quality service and professionalism. Also, with knowledge of industry standards and municipal codes.

Haven’t yet scheduled your chimney inspection, or have had an inspection but have put off necessary repairs? Call The Mad Hatter today at 317.596.0200. Don’t let another day go by that can mean more damage to your chimney system!