Part of preparing your chimney for winter is making sure it is safe and has all the maintenance and care it needs before burning season. You may find there are old or damaged parts, or you may find that an upgrade could improve its function. Whatever the reason, if you compare dampers or want an upgrade, you should check out our collection of throat dampers and top mount dampers.

The damper works to stop airflow. A throat damper controls the flames, helps to light and extinguish fires, and prevents animal intrusions. Some homeowners use a damper to smolder a fire, which is not recommended due to increased soot and creosote and prevent drafts. The damper is one of the working parts of the system. It can become coated in soot and creosote, rusted, and even stop working.

Signs of a Damper Problem

Your damper needs to be checked annually, along with the rest of your chimney system. If you do find damper issues, then you should call a professional. It may save you in damages or even injuries. Some signs may include:

  • The damper isn’t moving
  • The fireplace is smoky
  • There is a draft from the fireplace

The Top-Mount Damper

cartoon graphics about chimney damperMost professionals nowadays recommend top-mount dampers, a superior alternative to throat dampers. They save money in energy costs, operate as a damper and a cap, and provide extra protection when your fireplace is not in use. You can have a top-mount damper this season and save money with one. Here are some reasons you should invest in a top-mount damper:

  • double as a cap
  • offer an airtight, rubber seal
  • can be engaged from indoors at the hearth
  • easily installed
  • prevent 100% of water and airflow when engaged
  • protects against animal intrusion
  • prevent the loss of heated or conditioned air

Call Our Pros for a Top-Mount Damper

When you opt for a top mount damper, it keep your chimney dry and your air flowing when you need it, . One of the most common causes of chimney leaks is a broken or worn out cap. When you have a top mount damper installed, you’re not only replacing your damper, but you’re also getting a new cap to protect your system. Call The Mad Hatter today at 317-596-0200 and speak with our experts about your chimney!