Why is a roof important on a house, besides, of course, the obvious? All joking aside, chase covers perform a similar function, closing your chimneys to intruders and weather. If either your roof or your chase cover fails to do that, the entire house is compromised and your loved ones are endangered.

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Chase Cover Repair & Replacement – Before & After

That’s Right – The Entire House

Chimneys have to stay dry and unobstructed to function properly, and – when they do not – the entire house is at risk. A chimney weakened by water or blocked by animal nesting or debris exposes everyone in the house to danger. Toxic gases are no longer being properly vented, and carbon monoxide invisibly begins to build up in the house.

Heated air is either remaining in the chimney or slipping through cracks to flick at the home’s structure. At best, the structural integrity of your chimney is being compromised; at worst, a house fire is in the making. Your chimney’s reliable performance is critical in safeguarding your home and your loved ones, and it needs a good cover.

All ‘Home Invasions’ Are Cause for Concern

That is where chase covers come in, helping to bring closure to your safety concerns along with your chimney. Resembling shoebox tops, chase covers are lids for chases, which house the chimney’s flue. If the chase is left uncovered, the open flue is now welcoming birds, animals, rain, and snow into the chimney. That is not what anyone recommends, so put the top on the box and keep animals from getting inside.

Furthermore, if the chase cover that is up there is not properly sealed, it might as well not be there. Water is the sneakiest of home invaders, looking for the tiniest of cracks to slip through under cover of darkness. It is also hard to track, so call a professional and have them handle both the chase and the flue repair where intruders like to hide.