Summer is the time when people are not worrying about their fireplace. You don’t have to split firewood or carry ash out of the house. Summer is the time to relax, but it’s also the best time to schedule chimney repairs too. Why do the professionals prefer to complete chimney repairs during the summer, you may wonder? At The Mad Hatter, we actually complete the most chimney repairs during the summer so that our customers can safely use their chimneys during the fall and winter. By scheduling your services and repairs during the off-season, you can rest assured that your fireplace will be ready for the burn season ahead.

Sweeps and Inspections in the Spring

The best way to ensure you have ample time during the offseason for repairs is to schedule your routine chimney sweep and annual inspection in the spring. If you haven’t done it yet, no worries! Schedule today and a technician from The Mad Hatter can clean and assess your chimney system from top to bottom right away.

Common Summer Chimney Repairs

Sometimes, the problem is minor, so the repair is simple. Your chimney may need a new cap. The flashing could be dislodged or damaged. Your damper may be stuck due to buildup. All of these issues can be easily fixed without major or minor repairs. However, after a long winter, there may be more serious damage. If our chimney sweep finds hazards and identifies necessary repairs, these need to be dealt with right away to prevent further damage. Damaged masonry can lead to water leaks and damage in the chimney system and throughout the house. In order to avoid extra costs and damage, it’s important to schedule chimney repairs now.

  • Tuckpointing – This is the process of removing spalling masonry, and replacing it with new mortar of equal strength, consistency, and color so that the repair appears seamless and the masonry is stronger. When masonry is “spalling”, it is flaking, crackling, and crumbling. Mortar may be missing and bricks may become loose. If you have spalling masonry, summer storms will send water directly through your masonry and into your chimney. Prevent this occurrence by scheduling repairs with us this summer.
  • Installations – It may be that your chimney system needs a new part such as a cap, chase cover, crown, handles, hinges, or doors. We make installations throughout the summer and year-round. We only recommend and install products from top manufacturers.
  • Rebuilds and Prevention – If your system needs a serious rebuild, summer is the best time for this job and other preventative measures to protect your masonry. At The Mad Hatter, we can apply a water repellant to your masonry to keep water out of the masonry. This service prolongs the life of chimneys, prevents leaks, and lasts ten years.

If you’re not sure what needs to be done with your chimney, call the professionals now so your fireplace is ready for fires this fall! You can schedule services or repairs with The Mad Hatter by calling 317-596-0200.