There are numerous options on the market today for wood-burning appliances. A popular choice for homeowners looking to remodel or utilize an existing hearth or chimney is the wood-burning insert. Wood-burning inserts are retrofitted directly into an existing hearth, allowing for homeowners to enjoy the aesthetics of a beautiful wood fire, while using their original hearth and chimney.

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Why Choose Wood

There are many inserts to choose from. There are some great gas and electric inserts that are effective, but there is no replacement for the beautiful flame of a wood fire. Wood is also a convenient, renewable fuel source, especially if you have access to trees on your own property. When you choose a wood appliance you can cut, collect, and replenish your own fuel stock through the year. The only thing to remember is that you should burn only properly seasoned wood. If you burn freshly cut wood it is too wet and doesn’t burn completely. When wood doesn’t burn completely it lowers your fire’s efficiency, heat output, and causes more soot and creosote buildup in the chimney, raising fire risk.

Choosing an Efficient Wood-Burner

You want a wood-burning fireplace because wood offers the most beautiful flame along with a natural high heat that is fuel-controlled. By choosing an insert you are choosing the most efficient and top-of-line wood-burning products in the industry. The closed unit allows for high heat output, which helps the chimney vent properly, and is the most economical.

Your Wood-Burning Insert and Your Chimney

It is a great idea to vent your insert into an existing chimney. However, it’s important to have your appliance professionally installed in order to make sure the chimney flue is the correct size proportionally to the insert. If you decide to place an insert into an existing fireplace it will be substantially smaller than the existing fireplace. Since the chimney flue is designed proportionally to the size of the fireplace, it is most likely too big for the size of insert that is installed into the fireplace. If the chimney flue is too large for the fireplace or appliance it can cause venting issues which can cause smoke to come into the house, and can also raise fire risk, as super heated vapors stall in the chimney liner, possibly igniting creosote on the chimney walls.

The Professional Difference

When you hire a CSIA Certified Chimney Sweep® (CCS)  your sweep will most likely fit your chimney with a stainless steel liner that will stand the test of time, and should be fitted to match the capacity of your new wood-burning insert. This is the CSIA difference. At The Mad Hatter we put safety first every time, educate our customers on the best and safest choices for your home and family, and strive to do it right today to save you money tomorrow.

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